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The tale of Ted&Muffy

The tale of Ted&Muffy

Meet the people behind the boutique...

27th May 2015

During the late 60s and early 70s, Ted Maltby spent his time travelling around Italy, whiling away his days in Portofino with Italy’s chic and stylish fashionistas and Milan, with some of the country’s finest shoemakers.

At the same time, a young Myfanwy Davies (better known as Muffy) was making her way through one of the most seminal periods of her life – she left her family home in rural Dorset, moved to London, and fell in love with fashion.

“When I was growing up, girls were encouraged to dress like their mothers.’ she remembers. “But suddenly, in the late 60s and early 70s, fashion suddenly became magical. It was an extraordinary and exciting time. I used to live on bread and butter so that I could spend all my wages on clothes.”

Meanwhile, as he was getting to know the fashion boutiques of Milan, Ted noticed the stark contrast between the finely-crafted footwear offered there and the clumpy, mass-produced horrors sold in many British shoe shops. “The stylish women I knew wouldn’t be seen dead in them,” he recalls. “I knew there was a hunger among British women for something better.”

Ted & Muffy first met when he began buying Italian boots and shoes, which he started to sell to small boutiques in the UK. In 1974 it was love at first sight and the combination of Ted’s entrepreneurial spirit and Muffy’s style and fashion knowledge was the perfect formula for their new footwear brand.

They opened their own shop, where they sold both their own collection and a selection of carefully picked eclectic and innovative brands they respected – and became a beacon of beautiful design.

They travelled across Europe together, designing and commissioning their own seasonal collections and working with some of the industry’s best-known talents.

Their boutique became a mecca for women’s boots not only because the styles were gorgeous and fabulous quality, but they also offered long boots to fit pins of varying proportions, winning them a following of fashion-savvy shoppers who weren’t prepared to settle for ill-fitting boots.

Over forty years on, Ted&Muffy are as committed to fashion that fits as they were the day they started...

The early days: Muffy Maltby at the Bath boutique

Muffy Maltby wearing Biba at a family wedding at Chelsea Old Church 

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