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Brand new to Ted&Muffy – explore our new collection of pull on boots.

25th August 2016

This season, in response to our latest customer feedback, we’re really excited to offer - for the first time - a collection of pull on boots.

The joy of a pull on boot is that the beauty of leather can be fully appreciated. Most footwear companies cannot provide full leather boots as not all manufacturers have the technical capabilities.

With minimal seam and no zips, the simplicity of the patterns can be enjoyed and embraced. The pull on can give you a casual, elegant look that does not feel restricted by style being provided by shape alone. It provides the perfect anti fit - spot on fit around the calf and a parallel ankle that will gently relax and soften over time to create texture and add interest to the boot. It is the perfect opposite of an ankle fitted boot and provides you with a different boot aesthetic.

Fitted Boots

Fitted at the ankle and on the calf.

Zip on inside leg.

Fitted boots have an elastic gusset to allow for flexibility in fit.

Available in a wide choice of designs.

Up to 21 calf widths.

Shop Fitted Boots

Pull On Boots

Looser cut at the ankle and up the leg giving a relaxed fit.

No zip - pull on over the foot and up the leg.

Pull on boots have no elastic gusset and have minimal seams giving a streamlined look and a static fit.

Cut of boot is especially suited to laid back boot designs, including chic biker and wear-anywhere flats.

Up to 13 calf widths.

Shop Pull On Boots

We’d love to hear what you think about our new collection of pull on boots. Do get in touch with your comments or questions.

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